Smart Device
for public

The public transportation market is going through a massive digital transformation where vehicles and infrastructure are expected to be connected to the internet. Flownex develops future-oriented computing and communication products for Machine to Machine and IoT. The focus area of our solutions are applications in the fields of local and long-distance public transit, automobile, and Industrial IoT. Our products are also ideal for markets such as smart cities and sustainable energy.

devices for Railways

Our devices are certified for railway applications and equipped with the latest wireless and computing technologies with multiple interfaces for applications where flawless communication is critical such as information systems, fare collections systems, onboard passenger WiFi, infotainment, condition monitoring, and real-time data exchange.


Comprehensive solutions
for Vehicles

Flownex offers comprehensive solutions for public and private local and long-distance automotive applications. Our solutions include routers and ethernet switches with multiple interfaces for flawless internet connectivity and communication. Our edge computing devices are equipped with high-performance processors for condition monitoring and maintenance. 


Wireless outdoor
solutions for wayside

Whether it is trackside programs on train routes, in tunnels or railway stations and depots, or wayside, our Wi-Fi access points offer a cost-effective solution for setting up broadband, wireless backbone between vehicle and ground. Build for an extremely harsh environment our weatherproof products are reliable at any time of the year delivering optimum performance with the highest bandwidths.

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